Maid Services and House Cleaning Agencies in Raleigh

The most precious asset of every individual is time. And because of its limitation we face many challenges in our day to day activities. But once we are home the only thing we seek is peace. And to seek peace in home itself it certainly has to be pleasing. And all it takes a home to be clean and tidy to give a delightful experience so, thanks to cleaning services Raleigh NC which makes this possible.

The Tidy Maidsis a Raleigh based professional house cleaning agency that deals with all sorts of cleaning works. This agency works on a single house at a time with two staffs employed for it. The staffs come equipped with all the necessary tools that aid them for cleaning the house.

Cleaning approaches:

Raleigh maid service has a different cleaning approach i.e. every room is dealt in a unique way of cleaning with the basic process being the same.


Cleaning of every room begins with thorough dusting from top to bottom that includes removal of cobwebs, dusting of ceiling fans, wall frames, shelves, etc., vacuum cleaning of carpets and finally deodorizing the rooms.


cleaning services Raleigh NC

Apart from the basics, the bedrooms are taken special care by changing the linens (if they are provided with a fresh set of linens), vacuum cleaning and finally deodorizing.


Dusting of kitchen cabinets is must along with scrubbing the dirt off the floors and sinks with special cleaners and scrubs.


Here the shower area, tubs, sinks, toilets are cleaned thoroughly. The mirrors and other glass doors are cleaned using ammonia-free cleansers.

Dining and the living area:

The approaches include: dusting of the room from top to bottom, vacuum cleaning the carpets and the curtains and finally deodorizing the room.

The Tidy Maids agency is well known for its low staff turnover and its quality work for the past 12 years. It takes up the work and professionally handles the work to get cent percent customer satisfaction in its sphere of house cleaning.

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