Fun of Familiarizing with Other Jigsaw Names


Saw is a cutting tool which is used for sawing activity for diverse types of materials like wood, hardboard, plastic, fiberglass, metal, etc. We learn about jigsaw which is based on concept of an ordinary saw for sawing. Saw is a generic term which is used for various sawing tools; sabre saw, scroll saw, reciprocating saw, circular saw and chainsaw are commonly used terms for some sawing tools. A powered jigsaw is composed of a reciprocating saw blade for cutting and an electric motor for power operation. The names we generally interchangeably use have one common type, the high performing jigsaw. The matter is of using it for specific application.

Jigsaw with different market names

There is a funny thing about tool terminology because one tool is available in the market with different names some user may not be familiar with. The terms “jigsaw” and “sabre saw” are interchangeably used in marketplaces. These are basically same tools without a recognized difference. It is the manufacturer’s choice to use a specific name because some manufacturers use the term “bayonet saw” also. Reciprocating saw is also one of the interchangeably used names because jigsaw has reciprocating saw blade. Jigsaw and scroll saw have similar function of cutting but the latter is a big stationary tool, unlike jigsaw which is handheld, where a delicate blade moves across the material kept on the table. Circular saws are usually better choice for straight and long cuts. The wood cutting and metal cutting circular saws are different. Chainsaw is somewhat different because it has an attached chain and is good for heavy task like tree cutting, pruning, etc. to hold falling materials.

Buying tips for professional jigsaw buying

Anyways, all these are some type of best professional jigsaw that you can buy in the market, but never forget to follow jigsaw buying tips, else the investment in jigsaw purchase will go waste.



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