Advantages and disadvantages of having longer penis

Everything has its own pros and cons and having a longer penis can always enrich your sex life because women always love to have a mouthful when they are giving a mouth job to their man. Men would certainly enjoy the feeling when their women are working on them to make them feel happy. Some of the benefits of having longer penis are mentioned in the Penis enlargement bible. However, there are some of the disadvantages to it as well.

  • Erection stays for longer time

Penis enlargement bible

When you have a longer penis as mentioned in the Penis enlargement bible you would have erection for a longer time hence, your woman can enjoy the whole thing for a longer duration. Climaxing can take a longer time and this can be extremely happening for your woman. She would always love to have you by her side because you are the only one who can satisfy her.

  • She would love the feel of it

When your lady feels it for the first time she would be completely surprised because of the way it feels when Penis enlargement bibleit is held in her hand. Circling it completely and rubbing all over your boy can give both of you a tremendous feel during foreplay.

  • It can be suffocating at times

Oral sex can become difficult when you have longer penis because when your lady takes it in the mouth it can choke them because of the size as mentioned in the Penis enlargement bible. Due to choking they may also throw up and this can mess up the entire thing. Hence, having a longer penis has its own disadvantage as well.

  • Hiding the erection is difficult

When you are aroused, there can an erection and when you have longer penis it makes it difficult for you to hide it and this can become quite awkward at certain situations.

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