Abaya – The New Fashion Sensation of the Millennium

Are you new to the Abaya? It is a trend in the Muslim fashion world, you should know that. Ever watched all those Fashion Weeks? You can see the hijab on the runway. So, we all can understand the magnitude of impact of the Muslim community on the fashion scene, globally.

Nowadays, Abayas are making a headline. Renowned fashion brands have started featuring Muslim dresses. This dress is somewhere between a kimono and a kaftan.  It is loose, over-sized robe-like garment. It covers the whole body, excluding the head, feet and hands. It is the most common outfit of traditional Muslims.

Black Abaya

Black is the color of this fraternity. It is worn in most of their clothing, be it the Hijab, Niqab, Burqa. Most people of other communities’ have a problem in understanding the different Muslim costumes. We make it easier for you. All traditional abayas tend to be black in color. You can find the Abaya online now.

There are various types of this Abaya. They are Alyssum one, Black Lace Kimono, and Black Polka Dot and so on. Today we get to study the features of some of them. The Alyssum one costs 70 pounds online on Miss Abaya.  It is a very gorgeous dress, with exquisite floral embroidery work. It is available in sizes 54, 56 and 58.  It is machine wash only.

Then there is the Black Lace Kimono. You cannot simply take your eyes off this dress. It features a black lace border with pleats in front.  This is a much required item in the wardrobe of all Muslim women.

The Black Polka Dot will shed 50 pounds from your pocket. The polka dots are golden coloured and will make you stand out. You can flaunt it for Eid. It will surely make heads turn.

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